S.T. Dupont Line D Ceramium Palladium Ballpoint Pen

SKU 59322

S.T. Dupont’s iconic Line D collection is hand crafted to guarantee impeccable quality and symbolise the importance of excellence.

This ballpoint pen incorporates guilloche engraving with an original and innovative finish, unprecedented in the luxury sector; Ceramium A.C.T. Ceramium A.C.T (Advanced Ceramium Technology) is the result of three years of research and development at S.T.Dupont’s workshops.

This new technology is an aluminium and ceramic alloy which offers come remarkable properties. Not only is it shock-proof, scratch proof and fire resistant, it is above all extremely light.

This unique ballpoint pen by S.T. Dupont is 40% lighter than any others in the collection and offers exceptional writing comfort. It is finished in palladium with a silver coloured coating.


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