Mystic Leather Lamp Berger Refill

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Create a laidback lounge vibe with the scents of leather and spice. Dim lights, the clink of ice cubes on glass, hushed voices and the sultry notes of a jazz standard floating on the air—with this spicy, leathery scent, your home is the most exclusive new jazz club in town. Mystic Leather is a duet between lush rose and supple leather, softly serenaded by medley of warm, rich spices. A spicy, leathery scent so effortlessly chic, you are instantly transported to a laidback lounge.

HEAD NOTES: Blackberries, Cardamom

HEART NOTES: Incense, Rose, Cumin

BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Leather

Reference No. 415155

Use with Lampe Berger:  

• 500 ml duration: 20 hrs of diffusion - 80 hrs of fragrance

Regulatory Information: Isopropanol. Highly flammable liquid and vapor.  Follow the instructions for use.

Made in France

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