Montblanc Fine Stationery Blank Notebook #149 Ancient Calligraphy

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With the introduction of the new Fine Stationery Line, Montblanc is expanding its expertise in the area of ​​writing culture and the joy of writing. The Calligraphy Collection celebrates the beauty and culture of language and writing. In an age dominated by modern communication technologies, words written in calligraphy fascinate with their aesthetics and individuality. Three variations of a calligraphy notebook have been created in collaboration with the Japanese paper mill Awagami, in Tokushima, where the art and knowledge of how to produce some of the finest artisanal papers has been a family secret passed down from generation to generation since 1825. The special calligraphy paper is bound in black decorated leather. By introducing the new Fine Stationery Line, Montblanc strives to fulfill its dedication to writing culture and the pleasure of writing. This product line represents both Montblanc’s signature and tradition for excellence as well as a contemporary spirit. This notebook is manufactured in Italy, crafted with the finest calfskin leather and high-quality 85 g/m² paper with 136 sheets/272 pages watermarked with the Montblanc emblem.

Ident No. MB119922

Paper Type: Blank 

Paper Colour: Watermarked, Golden-edged paper 

Colour: Black & Gold

Stationery Function: Calligraphy Notebook

Dimensions 210 x 260 mm/ 8.27 x 10.24 inches

Limited Edition

Made in Italy

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