Montblanc Cufflinks Deco with Wood and Amber Inlays

SKU 62385

Amber is a hard translucent fossilized resin produced by extinct coniferous trees from the Tertiary period, typically yellowish in colour. It only seems appropriate to pair Amber with wood to symbolize the origins of the resin material. These Montblanc Deco cufflinks have a stainless steel body with inlays made from wood and amber. The natural wood gives these cufflinks a minimalistic, organic appeal. The Amber adds a pop of colour and accentuates its earthy tones. To complete the look, the sterling silver adds the perfect amount of bling and sophistication to elevate these cufflinks to a whole new level of luxury.

Body Material: Sterling Silver

Inlay Material: Wood, Amber

Inlay Colour: Wood, Yellow-Orange

Ident No. 111333

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