Maison Berger Replacement Wick & Burner

SKU 61391

The all new Maison Berger replacement wick and burner is designed to work with all Lampe Berger and Maison Berger lamps. Product is a catalytic burner with a 40 cm total circular length wick. Ideal for small and larger lamps.

The creation of the Lampe Berger 120 years ago was a technical feat. Since then, Maison Berger Paris has always been at the cutting-edge of innovation and technology. Its teams are constantly researching to improve the catalytic burner system, an exceptional patented technique!

In this new version, the burner has a new design, an insert in the form of a lamp that further strengthens the identity of this iconic lamp. In addition to aesthetic considerations, the catalytic performance of the Lampe Berger burner has been further improved, with better diffusion of the fragrance and better resistance to air conditioning and droughts. In addition, this new burner is effective both outdoors and indoors, and it works optimally regardless of the fill level. 

Reference No. 86

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