Kent OG4 Rectangular Beechwood Brush White Bristles

by Kent
SKU 61246

Rectangular/club - beech wood, pure white bristle.


A beech wood rectangular club handled brush filled with pure white bristle. A classic shape that dates back over 150 years. Suitable for medium, thickness hair type.

Cleaning Bristle Brushes.

Regularly remove loose hair from the tufts by inserting a Kent hair brush cleaner (LPC2) or a comb at the side of the brush and lift the old hair away. Occasionally, using warm mild soapy water, place only the bristles in the water, trying not to submerge the wood of the brush as this will damage the wood. Never use ammonia or harsh detergents. Finally, gently wipe dry with a clean towel. Allow to dry naturally ensuring the bristles are face down and away from sunlight, radiators, hairdryers or any artificial heat.

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