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The Secrid slim wallet is an easy to use credit card wallet made from aluminium and real leather. The core of the wallet is the aluminium card protector. Inside the card protector there is space for 6 cards. Just by one click all cards slide out gradually. All cards in one view and easy to take out the right debt card.

A special coating inside prevents the cards from damaging and falling out.

Plastic cards get often squashed into wallets. Become bent when put in back pockets and the chemical interaction with leather makes them brittle. As a result many cards will break within their first year of usage. The aluminium Secrid card protector prevents this.


Secrid slim wallet is available in many styles and colours.

A short overview:

- Space for 12 cards and 4 banknotes.

- Protection against breaking or bending

- Very slim, just 14mm thick, Easy to put in front or back pocket

- RFID and NFC safe, 100% privacy protection

- Dutch design, made in Holland, 100% recyclable

- Patented sliding system


Dimensions: 6.8 x 1.8 x 10.2 cm

Product Code: SVg-navy 



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