MR. Wilderness Car Diffuser Kit

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The gentleman's car will smell good thanks to this original car diffuser with a fresh and woody scent, very masculine.

Mr. Wilderness car diffuser is adorned with a gunmetal colour, reminiscent of automotive colour codes, as well as its vertical lines that resemble the grille of cars. Its round shape, most common to all Maison Berger Paris car fragrance diffusers, can also suggest a wheel. The moustache, as the common thread of this Mr. & Mrs. collection is highlighted by a raised embossing. The fine carving work accentuates the level of detail and marks this symbol as a flagship element of the design. The outline of Mr. Wilderness Car Diffuser is engraved with the name of Jonathan Adler and on the back, you will find the Maison Berger Paris engraving.

The Wilderness scented ceramic refill at moderate intensity is provided in this pack, allowing you to discover a fragrance composed around lime, tomato leaves, and white birch. What if you go on an adventure on a whim?


A powerful, conquering and airy fragrance with scents of tomato leaves alongside grapefruit and citrus on the top notes. Patchouli and white birch wood underscore an adventurous temperament while oakmoss exudes a lot of masculine sensuality.


Lime, Grapefruit, Clean notes


Tomato Leaves


Earthy Patchouli, Oak Moss, White Birch

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