Bluebeards Original Fresh Mint Beard Conditioner

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The Bluebeards Original Fresh Mint Beard Conditioner is a great way to a mint condition beard. The Bluebeard Mint Conditioner is a wash-out conditioner made with natural ingredients like peppermint oil for the freshest beard possible. Unlike traditional conditioners, this facial hair conditioner is specially formulated to help keep both your facial hair and the skin underneath moisturized to help maximize beard health and minimize common problems like ingrown hairs, itch, and flakes ("beardruff").



  • Wash-out conditioner 
  • Moisturizes skin and hair 
  • Minimizes ingrown hairs, itch and flakes 
  • Real peppermint oil adds shine to hair and revives skin
  • Burdock and Fenugreek extracts nourish hair and skin

Our 8 oz. Fresh Mint Conditioner will leave your beard clean and soft, while adding shine to dull hair.

  • Size: 8 oz.
  • Real peppermint oil adds shine and awakens skin
  • Burdock and Fenugreek extracts nourish your beard and skin

Reference No. BBO-BB07

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