Exquisite Sparkle - Car Diffuser Refill - Pack of 2

SKU 61053
A small, round accessory; a diffuser that releases a few well-chosen aromas in your car. Suddenly, the journey is a cheerful one. The coldness and the short winter days are hidden. Only the eagerly-awaited celebrations, glasses of fizz and sweet treats are revealed
The Exquisite Sparkle fragrance begins with the joyful citrus notes of grapefruit. The sweet and floral heart of patchouli then develops. Elegance and exaltation take over with the gushing scents of a sparkling amber wine
This boxed set is an invitation; the official announcement of a party not to be missed. It is also a demonstration of French know-how and quality. The 2 Exquisite Sparkle ceramics will efficiently refill your Bestseller car diffuser: a trendy-looking object with a honeycomb pattern and shiny chrome colour.
Master perfumer tips: Exquisite Sparkle belongs to the oriental perfume family. If you love sensual and distinctive fragrances, then you will also succumb to the embracing personality of Oriental Star. Unless you want to try out other olfactory experiences? There is a choice of 6 additional fragrances: floral, fresh, pure or sweet! The diffusion time of a ceramic refill is around 4 weeks. The diffuser must be clipped to your vehicle's air vent. For a more intense fragrance, just let it work with your air conditioning.
Pack of 2 - 6426

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