Amphora Raspberry Lamp Gift Set + 250ml (8.5oz) Orange Blossom

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The Amphora Lamp Gift Set in Raspberry, designed by Armand Delsol, is crafted from stunning lacquered glass in an elegant colour. A silver cap adds a gleam to the lamp's simple, delicate design, giving any room a lively atmosphere. The purifying Orange Blossom fragrance adds a cozy touch for a cocooning ambiance. The fragrance is a selection of green notes, sultry neroli, and intensely floral jasmine. The composition imbues your home with a comforting sense of well-being. Add a seductive touch to your décor with this Lampe Berger.

Height: 15.5 cm (6.1 in)

Material: Lacquered Glass

Top: Amphora cap - Silver 

Color: Raspberry



The Orange Blossom Home Fragrance is a luminous ode to this incredible white flower. A fragrance that is both airy and voluptuous, jasmine-scented and slightly powdery, revealing the complexity and refinement of orange blossom. Overflowing with cheerfulness and mischief, this perfume will brighten up your interior with an ultra-feminine atmosphere.

Green notes, Orange Blossom

Neroli, Orange Blossom

Jasmine, Orange Blossom

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