Protecting Your Investment

In a world where replacement is often a substitute for service, Be Urbane understands the connection that develops between a writer and their pen or a quality lighter or humidor over many years of faithful service.

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Be Urbane will make its best efforts to contact you within 2 business days of your request. It is recommended that you bring in your pen, lighter or humidor and consult with our staff to determine the level of service required.


Be Urbane staff understand the value of restoring the functionality of a cherished pen or lighter, whether through refills, in-store adjustment or arranging for manufacturer-approved service.


Refills, pencil leads and ink are a writer's consumable and Be Urbane maintains an extensive inventory of inks and refills to ensure you can continue to enjoy communicating with your quality writing instruments.

Lighters also may also require occasional filling and adjustment to maintain performance.

Professional Service & Consultation

As with any product enjoyed daily, service may be required to maintain the performance you have come to expect. In many cases we can recommend a solution or adjust the pen to restore its performance. This may involve professionally cleaning the intricate channels in a fountain pen to restore its performance.

Coordinating Manufacturer Repair

In cases where a pen has been damaged, Be Urbane coordinates with the authorized distributor and the manufacturer using factory-approved parts and skilled craftsmanship to restore the performance of your pen. Warranty work is also handled on your behalf.

Be Urbane Remains Your Partner
Long After The Initial Purchase

When you invest in a quality writing instrument you are also investing in the relationship with the manufacturer and the retailer.

You have the right to expect seamless after-sales support and service, and Be Urbane has years of experience providing Toronto clients with service that equals the quality of the products they sell.

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