The Pen: Still the Essential Business Tool

Your choice of writing instrument instantly defines and communicates your style even in this digital age. Be Urbane is proud to offer the iconic brands from around the world, to your pocket. Such a personal choice requires the experienced advice our writing advisors are ready to provide.

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  • Montblanc
  • Cross
  • Lamy
  • Parker Pens
  • Gref von Faber-Castell
  • S.T. Dupont
  • Waterman
  • Visconti
  • Plus Many Others.

Fountain Pens

The most elegant and personal way to express yourself on paper, offering options for style, ergonomics, nib widths and of course a rainbow of ink colours.

Rollerball Pens

Rollerballs combine the convenience of a ballpoint with the smooth writing experience of a fountain pen. The act of uncapping your rollerball elevates everyday writing to an occasion.

Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoints are undoubtedly the most common writing instrument however the range of quality ballpoints you'll discover at Be Urbane is anything but common.

Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical Pencils are loved by a loyal group of writers who appreciate the ability to edit their work and Be Urbane offers a range of lead widths and hardness.

Inks & Refills

While your favourite pen or pencil will remain a cherished possession for years, it requires ink or leads to continue to faithfully record your thoughts. Be Urbane stocks a full range of these consumables to ensure you'll continue to enjoy the pleasure of writing uninterrupted.

Fountain pen inks from popular brands are available in bottles and cartridges in an array of colours. Ballpoint and rollerball refills are available to fit all popular brands, together with a variety of widths and hardness of pencil leads.

Ready With Advice & Support

Celebrating a significant personal event, recognizing the achievement of a valued colleague or just indulging in a uniquely expressive writing instrument, Be Urbane writing advisors are ready to serve you now and in the future.

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