Let's Get Personal

The most personal items are those you rely upon for your personal grooming. For men or women who appreciate the quality of finely crafted products, these are the daily indulgences you will enjoy for years.

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  • Kent
  • Niegeloh from Solingen
  • Dovo
  • Simpsons
  • Geo. F. Trumper
  • Dalvey
  • Plus Many Others.

Combs & Brushes

The legendary Kent brand has earned the Royal warrant for one reason: quality. Be Urbane offers a full range of combs and brushes for years of daily enjoyment.

Manicure Sets

The attention reflected in your manicured hands speaks to your personal commitment to detail, and Be Urbane carries Niegeloh from Solingen, Germany that will provide a lifetime of precision service.

Quality Scissors

A pair of quality scissors is an investment in craftsmanship that will perform reliably for years.

You won't find this quality at pharmacies, but you will find it at Be Urbane.

Straight Razors

Straight razors by Dovo and safety razors by Merkur from Germany provide a level of precision unattainable with mass-market products.

Be Urbane staff can advise you on which model is right for you.

Shaving Brushes

Shaving Brushes deliver a sensual pleasure of gently lathering your face with one of our specialty shaving creams or soaps. Simpson shaving brushes from England have been the brand of choice for decades simply because of their quality construction available in a range of sizes.

Shaving Sets

Shaving sets by Dalvey have organized the brushes and razors of the well-groomed for over a century.

Shaving Soap

Shaving soaps and creams by Geo. F. Trumper from England have built a reputation for providing the ultimate shaving experience for over over a century.

Start Your Day With Us

The luxury of the everyday grooming activities that lets you start each day with confidence is the essence of being urbane. We match carefully sourced products with your individual preferences, because the daily details only you know about are often just as valuable as the ones others can see.

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